Raleigh Wedding Photographer

Let's start out with the obvious, I am not your average wedding photographer. I climb up trees, go beneath tables, put things between my lens and my couples and I shoot for the sake of creating art. Whether I have shot a venue before or not, what I promise you is that I will photograph your wedding like it's just that, your wedding. And the images will not look like another person's wedding at the same space.

My work is sometimes beautifully crazy, often quiet and always deliberate. I am not overly concerned with every image being tack sharp because our lives and these moments are not tack sharp, they are fluid. You won't remember a moment in such detail as if it were carved from granite, there will be some grace and elegance to it, and that is something I strive for when making each photograph.

If you're mind is made up, then send me some information. If you want to see more, then all you have to do is go here to see my favorites or go here to see what a wedding story told by me may look like.

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