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wedding photography that goes beyond surface level,

leaving you more deeply connected.



In a world that believes that a ceremony and a piece of paper make a real difference.

I’ve come to learn it’s actually about connection, vulnerability, communication and trust.

My job as a wedding photographer isn’t to just show up and capture amazing moments, those are a given. I’m really here to guide you. Through this season, help you feel wildly comfortable and through getting to know you on a deeper level, capture who you really are on one of the most exciting days of your life so you can realize how much you’ve grown together and as individuals in the years ahead.

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I am Adam Chapin


For so many years I blindly followed what the blueprints planned out: went to college, met a girl, got a job, got married, had kids, left my job, started a business. but at 35, I felt like a failure, I felt lost and most of all I felt disconnected from the life I had blindly built. I sought out something deeper in myself and with others, and it nearly cost me everything: family, friends and above all my own sanity. No longer was I going to aim to please everyone above myself. Now five years later, I am still rebuilding, but this time it is on intentional connection, thoughtfulness, rawness and a backbone of adventure.


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I want you to feel,

Not just see.


From our first phone call, to the first meeting we have, to your engagement session, to your wedding and finally to the delivery of your gallery and albums, you will see that I care about you a lot.

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 Photographing weddings is not about getting published and it is not about winning awards.

It is about sharing trust, deepening connection, indulging in our humanity and relishing in our shared idiosyncrasies. Have I been published? Yes. Have I won some awards? Yes. Do I care? No. None of that makes me the right choice for you, that’s a deeper and more personal decision that I am happy to explore with you.

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All the words I could never say about myself, but am fortunate enough to have couples say it for me.

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