Chic Contemporary Downtown Raleigh Wedding | Raleigh, NC | Tricia and Vince

bride and groom the architect bar and social house interior

I couldn't think of two people better suited to be the first wedding blog post of the new brand.

Tricia and Vince's engagement session was a thing of beauty as we spent a few days together exploring, making photos, eating, drinking, perusing the new Whitney Museum and laughing our way around Brooklyn and Manhattan. We spent the better part of two solid days together and even ran into each other on one of the days we hadn't planned to shoot. While we had only spoken over the phone and Skype, for some reason it felt like hanging out with old friends. So I knew that their wedding would be just as amazing, but it hit a high note for me when I had an idea for a photo and said to them "Hey, I want to try something out, but I'm not sure if it's going to work" to which Vince replied "We love it when you say that." Yep, well...Vince...I love you for saying that. 

But what touched me the most was just after the ceremony. Tricia and Vince had a happy, loving tearful moment just after the recessional and I was completely taken aback. In all of our interactions and all the time we've spent together, these two have been the epitome of cool and relaxed. I never thought for a second that either of them would be shaken, maybe crack a joke or two - sure, but not a tearful expression. It was beautiful, it was a raw and it was my favorite moment of the day.

These two have been so welcoming and become such good friends to me, I love them! We actually just wrapped up what I like to call a beer date over Skype on Wednesday night, it was awesome to catch up with them, see them (albeit through a computer) and laugh and joke...of course enjoy some good brews and stories too. While I feel like I try to provide a real experience for my couples, something for them to remember outside of the photos we create together, I have to say that Tricia and Vince flipped that on me and gave me the experience. It was an absolute honor to capture their wedding day and I'm already looking forward to the next time we get together.

Congrats to Tricia and Vince and to their families and friends.

Thank you to all of the folks who made this day and night what it was, which was spectacular: Getting Ready Site: The White Room, First Look Location: The Architect Bar and Social House, Ceremony/Reception Venueand Caterer: 214 Martin, DJ/Music: Triad Dj and Events, Florals: Showtime Events, Cake: Sugarland, Catering: Hair: Alter Ego Salon, Makeup: Katie Jane Hughes, Bride's Dress: Bhldn