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 The Experience

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What makes Adam Chapin Photography different?


First things first... 

I know I am not right for everyone, but I am pretty sure that if you have come this far that maybe I am right for you, your wedding, and your family.

Let's start with the most obvious - my raw, thoughtful and adventurous style sets me apart from everyone else.

There is a reason I do what I do, it's not shadowy by accident. Click below to see exactly what I mean.

This is your wedding, and it could be the best day of your lives or it could be just one in a long string of them, and that begins with a deep connection with each other. All of your wedding photos will be raw, thoughtful and adventurous, that’s a given, but I want to help deepen that connection together and not just become passing ships in the night, and through that your photos will have more meaning when you view them.

Your album will not be about the day you got married, it will be about who you are, why you found each other and the support network around you.


From our first phone call, to the first meeting we have, to your engagement session, to going over your timeline, to your wedding and finally to sitting down together to pour over your gallery and albums, you will see that I care about you both a lot.

I care about what you think. I care about what moves you. I care to get to know you, not just the "wedding" you that you'll share with all of your vendors, but the real you. 

That's where it all starts.

My couples find comfort with me by taking the time to spend time with me, not talking about the wedding (though we can do that too) but just being normal people curious about one another. I’ll share some hysterical and real stories with you and I hope that you’ll do the same.

In the end, I want you to choose me because of the type of person I am, the experience of doing something real and the feeling of real connection with me and a deepened connection between each other, not simply because you like the photography.



You could read my reviews, pour over my website and Instagram page and you could ask your planner what they think of me, or you could reach out right now and find out it this is all as real as it sounds for yourselves.


Watch this video to see some of my favorite work. You will either love or hate it. You will either imagine yourself feeling these same feelings or you won’t. And you will sense that deeper connection that you have been searching for or you’ll go somewhere else.


That is exactly how it should be with your wedding photographer, I am either right for you or someone else is and I’d love to help you explore that, answer any questions and get to know you as well.





Collections begin at $3500



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Weddings & Engagements

Weddings & Engagements




You are thinking that you like what you see, but more so that you can feel the connection and the moments. Then it’s time to get in touch with me so we can schedule our first call!

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