Cascade Mountains Adventure Photo Session | Eugene, OR | Jed and Josh

It's no secret that the PNW is a killer place to be a photographer. Epic waterfalls, neon green moss-laden forests, snow capped mountains and endless rocky coast lines. What's not to love?

In March I had the opportunity to go photograph and share some adventures with Jed and Josh in Oregon. We drove out to Bend to snowboard at Mt Bachelor, we drove out to Heceta Lighthouse on the coast and we drove around with the express desire to find some rad spots that you don't see in every photograph. I think we were pretty successful.

I've known Jed now for 20 years and I've known Josh for almost 7 years, so it was awesome to be able to spend some time with them in their own element, have them show me around and make a few photos for them along the way.

This was in no way a planned session. It was more me shouting out from the back of the car "oooh, that place looks rad! Let's go check it out!". And there was a certain fun in that. Nothing preplanned. No ideas walking into any scene. It was very free formed and I loved it!

Now these two just need to tie the knot so I can get back out there and capture their wedding!