Why You Should Get Married at The Ace Hotel | Palm Springs, CA

Do you really need a reason to go to a rad hotel in Palm Springs and exchange vows with that perfect California light streaming through and adventures all around from a twenty minute drive to hike up Mt San Jacinto to an hour away to camp, climb and hike in Joshua Tree National Park? That should be reason enough. But since you're here, you might as well add a few more reasons to your list as to why you should get married at The Ace Hotel in Palms Springs, California.

Who are you? You're young, looking to have a memorable wedding and your friends love to party and eat. Barns aren't your thing, I get it, they aren't mine either. You don't want it in a church because you're afraid some of your friends may go up in flames just from walking in there, and you haven't stepped under the steeple since you were a kid. You don't want to get married at home, because...well...where's the fun in that? So set your sites on the Ace Hotel and plan your destination wedding! 

Just a few of the amenities and attractions on the property are multiple pools (remember, it's Palm Springs, so it gets hot May through August - you will need a place to cool off), so mom and dad have a quiet spot while you and your friends enjoy a little music and poolside cocktails. And the pools are absolutely beautiful and spacious. There are plenty places to lounge from top decks to overlook the pool to pool side chairs equipped with sun shades and huge full body sized ottomans to lay/collapse on. On top of that, there is 24-hr gym, an on site recovery spa, the most amazing robes that you will want to live in, in-room turntables with a curated selection of records for you vinyl heads, they are pet friendly so bring your pooch with you and they have bike and scooter rentals for getting around! Need to get some work done while you're there? I found the World Wide Web there. The actual one. Not just something on your phone. But the real live place! So you got that going for you, which is nice.

But you say "My friends and I love a good drink and we don't want to have to go far, because we like to keep it safe (wink, wink, nudge, nudge - the parents may be listening)". No problem. One of my absolute favorite spots on the hotel grounds is the Amigo Room. First, it's the best damn name for a bar that I have come across. Second, they have a bear mascot, named Chewy, who sits above the bar taps; and last I was there he was rocking a rather ravishing captain's hat. The Amigo Room is decked out with simple furniture and dimly lit, but perfectly lit for some couples photos if you were so inclined, we're talking some epic and beautifully romantic photos...or get silly with Chewy. But if you prefer to go somewhere else for a drink, head down to the Sparrows Lodge just a short walk down the street and they have some good drinks and a very cool and quiet spot to relax under the Palm Tree or to play some horseshoes!

So now you have had a full day by the pool, you've enjoyed some frosty libations and now you are getting hungry. Well, you can head straight into Kings Highway, which is on the Ace Hotel grounds just next to the Amigo Room and the hotel lobby, for some great eats. This space actually used to be a Denny's, but I promise the food is not anything to remind you of Denny's. This is a great spot for breakfast (or hangover cure, or whatever you call it where you're from), lunch or dinner. Or if you feel like hitting the town, there are some great spots just a short Uber away such as: Chi Chi at the Avalon Hotel (great food, drinks and beignets that are as good as Cafe Du Monde), Workshop Kitchen and Bar, or my favorite Rooster and The Pig

So now that you have your guests covered, your parents are happy, your appetite is taken care of and you know where to let loose, let's talk about your wedding photos. California is literally known for it's amazing light, and the grounds of the Ace Hotel are rife with possibilities for some really cool and epic photos with both a mix of patterned shade from the Palm Trees, to the open sun, to colorful backgrounds and to quiet hideaways...even the rooms themselves are gorgeous, especially some of the garden rooms which offer a small covered patio perfect for bride and groom photos or individual portraits. Though maybe you are like me and you have the adventure/wanderlust bug. No problem. The tram to the top of Mt San Jacinto is 20 minutes away, as I mentioned before, and just about anytime from November through May and you can have some unique snowy photos as well as warm desert oasis photos! Where else in the world can you do this? No where, that's where.

And so now you have said your vows, you have eaten all the good food, you have danced the night away and all you want to do is get away on your honeymoon. But this is your honeymoon and tent camping in the desert is just not going to do, I hear that. While I was out in Palm Springs last month, I rented a luxury RV from Conrad and Derek of Bliss RV and my wife and I spent some time wandering and glamping in Joshua Tree National Park. Conrad picked us up from our hotel and brought us just a few minutes away to give us a walk through of the RV and we were on our way!. Our trip was absolutely epic. My wife is not a camper by any means, and this RV gave us the best of both worlds with comfort for her and access for me. On top of that, I was able to cook up some great breakfasts and dinners right there in the RV from soy glazed salmon to a simple shrimp caesar salad. If you do go out to Joshua Tree, be sure to stop by Pappy and Harriet's for some good food and a beer, and if you're lucky maybe you'll be there when a good concert comes through too (The Head and The Heart played there not too long ago, as well as some even much larger acts such as Paul McCartney and Lady Gaga to name a couple). Then when we returned to Palm Springs, we drove back to the Ace Hotel, called Conrad and he came to pick up the rig from us - truly door to door service!

So that's it. Like I said at the beginning, what more reason do you need? California is beautiful, Palm Springs doesn't care if you are gay or straight (just as every place should be), The Ace Hotel is an amazing spot, your belly and your guests will love you and if you are looking for a photographer, then well...I'll be your Huckleberry!

For more info on the Ace Hotel and their weddings, you can go here.