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Want Your Photos To Have More Depth, Just Add Shadows

At its most basic function, shadows slow you down as your brain puts together what it is seeing. And slowing down is what we’re after when we jump on social media, open an album, go to a museum, hold a print in our hands or go to see a movie is all about, isn’t it? We are taking a break from the repetitive go-go-go of our lives in order to connect more deeply with what we need and love.

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2015: A Photographic Year in Review

I am excited for 2016. A lot of great things will happen this year that are already on the calendar. Though I decided I am going to put some of the things I want to accomplish this year out in the open. This isn't so much a resolutions list as mush as it is a goals or wants list, just something to keep me churning and creating:

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