2015: A Photographic Year in Review

If you follow me on Instagram you know that I have been sharing some of my favorite moments from 2015. Not exactly a top 15 list or anything like that and certainly not in any particular order, but just some of my favorite moments and memories of this year as a North Carolina fine-art wedding photographer. It's been a lot of fun to dig through the archives and relive some moments, laugh again about something I remembered that was said right before or after I clicked the shutter or simply just an awesome moment that I want to share.

2015 was a great year, simple and plain. I worked with some amazing clients, shot with some inspiring and some up and coming photographers, worked with and celebrated with some of my favorite wedding professionals and venues and experienced a workshop that changed everything.

I am excited for 2016. A lot of great things will happen this year that are already on the calendar. Though I decided I am going to put some of the things I want to accomplish this year out in the open. This isn't so much a resolutions list as mush as it is a goals or wants list, just something to keep me churning and creating:


1. I want to shoot 20 weddings this year.

2. I want to photograph at least one of those weddings outside of the United States: France, Ireland or Canada all sound awesome.

3. I want to show some of my personal work (possibly my You Should Have Been Here Series) in a gallery exhibition.

4. I want to shoot a wedding at the Biltmore in Asheville, NC.

5. I want to find an awesome couple who would be up for a camping themed engagement session: do some hiking, cook over a campfire, enjoy some beers, get in a morning sunrise mountain top portrait.

6. I want to create two new and different styled shoots and work with some of my favorite wedding professionals to make it come to life.

7. I want to photograph three weddings in places in the United States I have never been before: Chicago, Austin and Seattle.


And that's it. Those are the goals for 2016. It feels great to get them off my mind and onto the screen. I'm looking forward to seeing them all come to fruition.

While you may now be thinking of what you want to accomplish this year, let's take a trip down Nostalgia Lane and see some of what made last year so great.