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What makes Adam Chapin Photography different


your wedding day is an insanely important day, but so are the days leading up to it. It is my goal to get to know you like an old friend, so by the time your wedding day rolls around i get to play my three best selves: your friend, your photographer and the fly on the wall.

I know that time is our most valuable asset and believe me, i take time with my family seriously. i don't want to take you away from family and friends, so if you don't have time to get together in person, let's set up a skype call and cheers over some bandwidth! and if you're doing an engagement session or bridal session we'll have that time too.

beyond that, during your wedding i am focused on moments, emotions, the people...not details. i was not happy with my wedding photographs, so i will always shoot your wedding with the love, attention, artistry and respect for the important things that i wish mine had been. that's not to say that i don't photograph details (earrings, rings, shoes, dress etc), it's just as an old friend once told me: "I prefer details with a heartbeat." SO in the course of any wedding day when i am invariably faced with decisions to look this way or that, if it's between catching a stunning detail shot of florals in a vase or your grandmother looking at you in that special way, your grandmother always wins. always.

and lastly, when i deliver to you all of your final photos, you will also receive a pre-designed album layout whether your collection comes with one or not. this is because I firmly believe every couple should have an album. as much as i don't care for the photos from my own wedding, the album is all i have of it. and that was almost 12 years ago when profile photos weren't a thing. our photographer gave us CDs (yup, that was a thing) with all the photos and i have no idea where they are. so if you print nothing else, print an album. this is your story. make sure it can be told for generations, because it is absolutely worth telling.   


I am a firm believer in the idea that I can show you better than I can tell you


About Adam


my photographic origin story...

I started with photography back in high School (1997...yikes I am getting old, though I don't feel it), with a pentax k1000 that was leant to me by a friend. I primarily shot street work and I developed and printed it all in our school's dark room. I was in love from the first click. I loved being behind the camera, it was and still is a weird safe space for me to be me and it often gives me the super hero power to approach strangers, which i would never do without that two pound image capturing brick hanging from my neck.

but photography took a back seat, as i ironically thought I could never make a living at it. it wasn't until i became a father that photography really came back to life for me, And as a stay-at-home Dad I wanted to document everything. As I was deciding what I wanted to do with the rest of my life at the youthful age of 31, I was between going to cooking school, becoming a tattoo artist or starting my own photography business. Becoming a chef was not going to work with the schedule I needed to have in order to still be the main caregiver for my kids. Tattooing wasn't going to work, because as much as I like the artwork, i didn't have the drawing skills to really make that happen. So in a weird natural selection of things, photography is where i ended up.

though it wasn't until about a year or so after i moved from san diego to raleigh that i shot my first wedding and that was a random fluke. a friend asked me to help him shoot a wedding with him. i begrudgingly agreed, but specifically asked him to never ask me to do it again.

so we shot the wedding. i realized i was having fun. the families were amazing, even treating us like old friends as well as to drinks after the wedding (note: photographers get thirsty). I came home that night and i decided i was going to become a wedding photographer. 

that was five years ago now, and i still love the work i get to do. and while it is of course about being creative and observant and hustling all day, every wedding day, what i really come back for is the people and the opportunity to share parts of their story. because what i have realized over these five years is that i love telling stories (ask anyone who knows me, i have a knack for telling sometimes overly detailed stories) and there are few better stories than the ones that happen on and leading up to a wedding day.

SO I am one of the fortunate ones who took forever to find what he loves to do, what i believe my purpose in life is to do and what genuinely makes me happy both because of my passion for it and how the final work touches my couples. i feel so lucky to be with people on these days, truly their days, and the days leading up to, and i’d like to be there for you too.


*above photos of me made by my good friend, Artemas Photography


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