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Your wedding photography, or really any photography for that matter, is an investment. Your flowers will dry up, your cake will be eaten, your venue may be gone in 20 years, but your photos will not only replace your memories of an event, they will outlive them. They will be the heirlooms that your grandchildren share with their grandchildren. They will be the spark to the story about the two of you, how you met, where you lived, the people you knew.

Your wedding photography should not simply be a box checked on your wedding professional round up, rather it should be carefully thought about: what are you looking for, what sort of images do you gravitate towards, how do you plan to view the final images - social media profile photos forever or do you already picked out spots on your walls where you plan to hang prints or a spot on your coffee table where an album will become a talking point for family and guests, and of course what is your budget.

You should love your photographers work, but you should also love them. You will easily spend more time with your photographer than any of your other wedding professionals, from consultations to the engagement session, to your wedding day and when you view your final photos.

My style is fine art in presentation, but candid and relaxed in practice. I will work with you to find what it is that is important to you and create something for you around that. We will laugh and joke throughout your day and keep things light. I will find creative angles and shots to make the uniqueness of your day shine. We will do some light posing. I will ask you to move to nicer light if I see it, but otherwise I prefer to let moments come naturally. I never shoot the same shot twice, so your wedding will be shot like your wedding and no one elses. In the end, I want to not only provide you with beautiful art from which to relive one of the most amazing days of your life, but I also want to provide you with an experience that you will remember fondly.

I offer three collections to cover most range of budgets and services needed. Pricing ranges from $4500 to $8000, or you can go to my price guide for more information about each collection. I also offer an elopement package which is $2000. For more information, please call or contact me here.