Wrightsville Beach Engagement Photos | Wilmington, NC | Melisa and Lee

A boy from Wales.

A girl from Argentina.

What are the chances that they both end up living in North Carolina and then meeting one another in Ecuador?

You can't make up stories like this, and I love that about these two.

For engagement sessions, I like to push for an adventure, some exploration. Perhaps in a place that has meaning or perhaps a place the couple has dreamed about and just hasn't made it to. For Melisa and Lee's engagement photos, they wanted to go back to where it all started (not Ecuador, in case you missed the title here, but I would have been up for that too), Wilmington where they both attended UNCW.

We went to Wrightsville Beach and walked along the shore. We checked out a rad bottle shop, Lighthouse, and enjoyed a few beers. And then we ended with a walk all around downtown Wilmington where we chased light, walked along the river, got weird in an alley and had a bunch of good laughs.

I often get asked if engagements sessions are necessary, and to that I emphatically say "yes!" It's a time where I get to know the real couple and they get to know me. And of course we take a few photos.

What I took away from my time with Melisa and Lee, was the undeniable energy between these two. They just fit. They make eachother laugh and getting silly seems to be second nature and at the same time they are madly in love with one another that reminds me of a couple who have been together for 30 years - there is a comfort there that's just beautiful. I can't wait to see them let loose on their wedding day next year, that's gonna be a good one (plus I'll get to see this awesome couple again who sang my praises, and convinced Melisa and Lee that I'd be the right photographer for them)!