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Artistic, Star Wars Centric Fall Wedding Photos | 21c Hotel, Durham, NC | Claire and Bobby

Believer in the force? Are you disgusted at the Star Wars Episodes 1-3 debacle? Do you speak wookie? Have you ever wondered what the marriage of Hans and Leia would have looked like? Look no further and come check out Claire and Bobby's artistic, Star Wars centric fall wedding photos! (Light saber bouquet included!)

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Romantic, Mountain Themed Styled Shoot | The Gathering | Boone, NC

In the city, my head is on a swivel as I try to take in everything around me (except when I am in New York, only because I know I'll look like such a kook of a tourist so I try to be sly as I pick my sights). But in the mountains, it's just simple beauty. Nothing more than what you see in front of you because you don't need anything more.

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Fine Art North Carolina Cotton Field and Chapel Bridal Session | Lewiston-Woodville, NC | Harper

"Hey! I know of this beautiful chapel, the Chapel Between Cotton and Gin, about an hour and a half away. I think you'd love it. It's surrounded by cotton fields, which should be in bloom and there is a dusky, but charming abandoned house down the road with some amazing light that I think we could make some photos in too. What do you think?"

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