Romantic In Home and Umstead Park Engagement Photos | Raleigh, NC | Nicole and Shane

What do you get when you cross Captain America with Dirty Dancing?

I have no idea, because those are movies and this is real life. But we somehow managed to combine a little from both (and yes, we got the infamous lift in!!!) for Nicole and Shane's romantic in home and Umstead Park engagement photos.

When I met up with Nicole and Shane at their home here in Raleigh, NC, I came in and was immediately greeted by their beagle, Lucky. Being a dog person myself, I was stoked to meet their pup. Nicole and Shane were busy getting some coffee ready and we started talking about what they wanted to do. As is the case most of the time, my couples always say "I don't know." So I asked what they usually do, and they both laughed and said they usually just sit around and watch TV together. So I said, let's do that!

Couples are often so focused on making "interesting" photos for their engagement instead of focusing on what means something to them, and I loved how Nicole and Shane just went to where they were comfortable. You can feel that and you can see it. So in the end, it was this photo that ended up being one of their favorites, because this is perfectly them. I just love the connection and silliness here. Clearly they are in a heated battle over whether Captain America or Wonder Woman was a better movie!

Stars over their heads and a Captain American coffee cup to boot!

Stars over their heads and a Captain American coffee cup to boot!

I also love to get some snuggly bed shots, so later we headed up to their room and they were hysterical as they sat there thinking of what they like to do and without hesitation they both pretended to be on their phones. I started laughing so hard with them that is was hard to even concentrate on making any photos! 

It's always exciting when couples just start getting silly and being themselves, because I am always pushing people to pretend that I am not there, and when it actually happens, and it most certainly did with Nicole and Shane, I get to simply capture what's going on and it's very real.

But hold up! It didn't simply end there.

Oh no! 

We then headed over to Umstead Park for something a little different.

I took them to one of my favorite spots that is always quiet and serene and we just had some fun. Nicole and Shane then made a joke about doing the infamous lift from Dirty Dancing...yep that one. And without skipping a beat I found Bill Medley's "The Time of My Life" on Spotify and blasted it from my phone. While they were hesitant at first, they both committed to and NAILED IT...on the first try (or maybe the 5th, but who's counting? not this guy!

So we have five months left until their wedding and I for one can't wait to celebrate with them and their awesome families in December. As I was a part of photographing Nicole's brother's wedding, I know that if it's anything like that it's going to be a beautiful and fun filled night!


Want to try to perfect the Dirty Dancing lift? I'll be your huckleberry.

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