North Carolina Art Museum Engagement Photos | Raleigh, NC | Jade and Daniel

I find that I get inspiration from just about everywhere, but more often than not it comes from art, nature or the people I am working with on a given day. Especially the people. If they are having fun, or completely immersed in each other or full of energy then I just tend to feed off that. And this is more rare than you would think, and understandably so as most folks freeze up when the camera gets lifted. So sometimes I need to try to pull it out of them and put us in the right spots to get everything working. Every session is different.

That was not the case with Jade and Daniel though. Now they may not say this about themselves, though I think they know they killed it, but these two were like fashion rockstars from the get go. On multiple occasions I had to mention to them that I felt like I was photographing a lifestyle fashion magazine piece. Daniel was giving me some solid stoic looks, so a few times I had to act like a fool or keep saying ridiculous stuff to get him to break character and we got some really great candid moments from those too.

Some of the beautiful North Carolina golden light during Jade and Daniel's North Carolina Museum of Art engagement photos

Some of the beautiful North Carolina golden light during Jade and Daniel's North Carolina Museum of Art engagement photos


When we had originally talked about where they wanted to get together for their photos, it was going to be at the NC State main campus, and then at the last minute we switched it up instead to North Carolina Museum of Art engagement photos. I think this was a perfect choice. We had an amazing night as the sunset was perfect and just lit them up as well as giving us some beautiful long shadows to play with over and over again. Oh and we started the session with a few beers at Bottle Revolution...what's not to love about this? Art. Nature. Good people. Good beer. You know it was fun!

This is one of the reasons I love engagement sessions. It is such a great time to get to know my couples a bit more, for them to get to know me and get to see what they are likely to give me on a wedding day. And with Jade and Daniel I know it's going to be a beautiful mix of those smiles and laughs as well as some gorgeous and laid back model looks that could just as easily be gracing magazine covers. Especially as I have seen Jade's dress, which I can't say any more than that, but it is crazy gorgeous! I can't wait for their wedding at the always beautiful and inspiring Umstead Hotel in April!!! 

Until then, enjoy the photos!