Hot, Summer North Carolina Museum of Art Engagement Photos | Raleigh, NC | Regine and Mark

I know what you're thinking.

Steamy, sexy engagement photos.

While there is no doubt that Mark and Regine shared some of that love, it really is just a hot North Carolina summer, and we did most of their session at the NCMA, hence the hot, summer North Carolina Museum of Art engagement photos.

But what do you do when it's over one hundred degrees with the heat index and you have engagement photos?

You throw caution to the sweaty wind and you get silly and you chase each other around and dance and play. In all honesty, I would have said, find A/C, but Regine was such a ball of excited and happy energy that it was hard to not get swept up in it. From her and Mark laughing and smiling with one another to just them letting go and just being themselves, it was awesome to witness and so much fun to photograph.

In addition, Regine had texted me the day before their session to let me know that her sister and Maid of Honor would be joining us for the session, which was new for me and I wasn't sure what to expect but it was a great opportunity to have two people who really know Regine and Mark there egging them on and joking and laughing with us. On top of that, they were also there to make sure that Mark and Regine looked their best throughout the entire shoot which is a luxury I have never had and I certainly took advantage of (not for me though...once I start sweating, there is no turning back, I'm like a wet Yeti...but that might be a little TMI for I digress.) It was very cool to see Regine and Mark through two other people so close to them as well as to get to know them too. Needless to say, I have two new best friends on their wedding day in Martine and Eileen, and something tells me that they are going to be a blast!

So we walked the grounds and checked out a few of the new sculptures, and when the heat finally had it's way with all of us we called it a wrap and headed for the place where it all started. Where Mark and Regine spent their first date, at one of the best cocktail bars in downtown Raleigh (and being a basement space, it's even better on a hot day), Foundation

Once we had cooled off with a few delicious libations, Mark had a super sweet moment planned so we headed out for the capitol building. Regine had mentioned to Mark that they hadn't a big to-do with their engagement and Regine had always imagined it would be a moment that they treasured and so Mark planned a beautiful, traditional engagement for Regine. While she already had the engagement ring on, he used the wedding band in it's place and got down on one knee and asked for her hand in marriage. Regine laughed the same infectious laughing she had been sharing all day, and Mark said: 

"I really hope you say yes, at this point" to which she of course said "Yes!" 

We walked back to Foundation, finished our beers and said see you next Friday. And today is that next Friday. And today is their wedding! I can't wait to spend more time with Regine and Mark and their family and friends today at the always lovely Umstead Hotel and Spa and working alongside my favorite wedding planners of A Southern Soiree!