Enchanted Garden Inspired Engagement Photos | Greensboro, NC | Kate and Patrick

As a photographer I am pretty fortunate to do a decent amount of travel and exploring. This year I have had the opportunity to spend some time in New York, Asheville, Charleston, Philadelphia, Las Vegas, France, Iceland and Switzerland. All were pretty amazing trips, experiences and I got to make some wonderful work in each of those places with equally wonderful people. Sometimes I get to explore areas a little closer to home and when it's with the right people, those times are just as awesome as the rest of my travels.

Kate and Patrick outside their beautiful home in Greensboro, North Carolina

Kate and Patrick outside their beautiful home in Greensboro, North Carolina

This fall, I was speaking with Kate about what she was thinking for her and Patrick's engagement photos.

She mentioned a pretty cool little corner in their neighborhood of Lindley Park in Greensboro, North Carolina, which houses what was described to me as an epic beer shop, some great restaurants and a bar that doubled as a laundromat. Kate was particularly jazzed about the laundromat/bar and I was honestly pretty stoked myself.

Aside from a phone call and some social media interaction, we had never met before, so when I arrived and Kate and Patrick said they wanted to go grab some beer from their local shop and then come back and hang out for a bit, I was thinking:

...these are my kind of people...

And they absolutely are. We chatted for a bit, enjoyed some awesome IPAs that we picked up from one of the best beer stores I have been to in North Carolina, Bestway (and yes, you should check it out as well). Kate shared her love for plants with me, which is a serious affair, then again anyone with more than two live plants in their home is a greenthumb in my book. 

We made our way, walking through their neighborhood, meeting their neighbors, and trying to capture sunlight and laughs while on the way to dinner.

And dinner was no joke. I love folks who love to eat and know what's good. So once again we found ourselves back in the Lindley Park town intersection where we sat down out on the outdoor terrace of Lindley Park Filling Station. We told some good stories, talked about setting up a snowboard trip this winter and cheersed to this new friendship. It's moments like this that embody why I love doing what I do, just getting to know and connect with people who would have otherwise been strangers. 

The outdoor terrace at the Filling Station is a beautiful space and they have a small stage set up with tea lights streaming from two oaks just in front of the stage, then leading back to the ivy covered wall.

I asked Kate and Patrick to hop up on the stage, stepped back so we could make some enchanted garden inspired engagement photos, and they were more than game, just totally swept up in having fun with each other. 

We finished up with a walk across the street to the one and only Suds 'n' Duds and it was clear why we had come here, besides to grab another beer. How many times will you have the opportunity to photograph in a classic and empty laundromat? I know what you're thinking: "any laundromat at 3 AM" sure, but who wants to do that? We had an absolute blast trying some fun lighting ideas, Kate and Patrick dancing to the classic tunes being spun in the bar just behind us, and eventually hopping in the laundry baskets for some fun spins.

One thing I always tell my couples when planning their engagement photos is to think of something they love doing or something they'd love to do, because then it will feel natural and it will look natural.

Kate and Patrick took that to heart and put together not just an awesome night for themselves but a great time and experience for me as well. I love to spend quality time with my couples, it makes my ability to make the right choices on their wedding day that much easier because they are comfortable with me, have shared themselves with me and know what to expect and what to do when I lift my camera.

Big thanks to Kate and Patrick, you guys are a ton of fun. I can't wait for your wedding in May at Graylyn Estate