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If you follow me on Instagram, by now you know that the mountains is where I call home. Not home as in where I live, but home as in where my heart has settled…I’m working on the moving there part and still have a ways to go. I don’t know what it is about the mountains, but as soon as they come into view I feel at ease, and to me that’s what I call home.

So when Caitlin and Gregg reached out to me about wanting to have me photograph their Claxton Farm wedding in Asheville, NC, I was ecstatic, and the fact that it would be in the fall was just the cherry on top of the Chocochip the Llama ice cream sundae (but more on that terrible dad joke later).

A question I like to ask a lot of my couples is if you could plan a perfect day for your partner, from the moment they wake up to the moment they close their eyes, what would it be. You might be surprised at the varied responses I get and the occasionally very open and sharing responses I get (or maybe you wouldn’t). What I like about this question is one, it is simply a fun question to wrap your head around because I don’t think it is something we think about ever. Two, it allows me to get to know my couples quickly and genuinely. And three, it is an awesome barometer for making sure we are a good match.

So when Gregg shared this diddy, I knew that these two were going to be my kind of people:

“We wake up with pockets full of cash at the nicest hotel in Vegas after crushing it all night at the blackjack table. Get some breakfast and hop on a plane to Asheville. Because of some odd jet stream occurrence it only takes us 45 minutes to get there. We get some early dinner at Sierra Nevada's Brewery after we land. Catch an uber downtown to walk around a bit. Catch Bonobo at the Orange Peel. Have an amazing night. Head back to the hotel after the show. Get her a drink at the hotel bar then let her pick what we watch and we both fall asleep sitting up in bed.”

Seriously, how could I not be excited to meet them?

And their wedding day was just as laid back as they were.

When I arrived to the farm, there was this amazing layer of fog just sitting around the valley, covering the tops of the just turning fall leaves. This past fall was a weird one as it hit so late, but for Caitlin and Gregg it was just on time. And with the fog, we had an overcast day, which I know for 99% of couples seems like an awful thing to have on your wedding day, but photographically, it couldn’t be better as it is the most beautiful light and we definitely took advantage of it.

After meeting Caitlin and Gregg back at the beginning of the summer, I didn’t get the sense that their wedding day would be a hugely emotional one as they both seemed and really are very chill people, but they both surprised me.

Right at the first look, Gregg was welled up with anticipation and emotion and when he saw Caitlin for the first time he let his emotions go! Getting to hear about the connection people have is one thing, but seeing it first hand, seeing that love and shelter in one another is another thing. Then having that sort of relationship against this beautiful rural Asheville backdrop, it was almost like I was cheating not having to work against a bustling city, get creative in a parking garage, or run across busy intersections…might be weird to say, but this felt like vacation.

Their ceremony was simple and raw, with some solid laughs as well as a couple gentle moments that really highlighted who Gregg and Caitlin are as individuals and as a couple.

After their ceremony, I usually like to let my couples spend time with their family and friends, but Caitlin and Gregg were stoked to get out and make some photos, and I was so thankful that they did. We got to meet the infamous Choco-chip the Llama, who nearly snatched Caitlin’s bouquet from her hand, and made the couple laugh so hard that I think that one photo will forever be my favorite laughing couple shot. Seriously, go see it below.

But the reception is where it all came out!

What a kick-ass group of family and friends! And what really stuck out to me was the thoughtfulness with which they really planned the whole event. I have seen so many weddings where the couple has invited people based on who they “think” they should invite and I often hear before or after the wedding that they wish so-and-so wasn’t coming but they had to; this wasn’t the case for Gregg and Caitlin. Everyone there seemed to fit so well with the entire day, and everyone danced. But not just danced because they looked good doing it (we all know those people), but danced because it’s fun as hell to do so.

Now I don’t usually dance at weddings. I am working. I know plenty of photographer friends who do, but it’s just never been my thing (and I do love to dance, just ask my kids). That being said, this wedding was as close as I ever got to letting loose for a minute or two because of how much fun everyone was having. And that really says a whole lot about Caitlin and Gregg.

A big thank you to Caitlin and Gregg as well as their family and friends. It was such a pleasure to get to spend time with you all.

Though, as usual, I have probably said too much and many of you are likely here just for the photos, and that’s okay. So without further ado, here is their day!


Such a great group of wedding professionals who helped to make Caitlin and Gregg’s wedding so memorable: Venue: Claxton Farm || Dress: Lillian West || Dress Boutique: One & Only Bridal Boutique || Florals: Urban Farm Girl || Catering: M7 Event Solutions and Catering || Dessert Bar: Cakes by Gray || Music: Band - Bobby and The Blueridge Tradition, DJ - Sound Extreme (Sandy McCosh) || HMUA: Ananda Hair Studio || Posters: Paper Pennant


Maybe this wedding and the feelings behind it resonated with you. Maybe you know someone that it would really connect with. Either way, I would love to talk to you more about your wedding, just contact me here or below.

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