Artistic, Star Wars Centric Fall Wedding Photos | 21c Hotel, Durham, NC | Claire and Bobby

I think it would be awesome if I could start this post off with some rad Star Wars intro scene telling the story of Claire and Bobby, how they came to be, what was in store for them and how it all somehow circled back to the rebel resistance. But alas, I am not that technically gifted, so I will attempt to do the same with a simple written page.

My introductions to Claire and Bobby was via their awesome wedding planner, Courtney of C and D Events and I was originally told that this would be a Harry Potter themed wedding, which I was also stoked about. Then when I spoke to Claire and Bobby, it was made clear that whatever it would be it would be deliciously nerdy and that was alright with me, plus having it all happen with the backdrop of the 21c Hotel in Durham made me even more excited. 

Right out of the gate I loved the genuineness as well as the ease at which it was to connect with both of them. We connected on our love of whiskey and beer, Star Wars and video games. They shared their love of things more deeply "nerdy" (their term, not mine) and cosplay. They told me about Bobby's proposal to Claire, which happened in Provincetown, Cape Cod (that's in Massachusetts to the uninitiated) where Bobby used a Bob's Burger's Mad Lib to pop the question. And how Claire and her girls will dance to anything sung by RuPaul. These are the conversations I adore having with my couples. Having that opportunity to really get to know who they are, what they are about and what's important to them. And it was clear that family, friends, and all things nerdy topped the list for what they were looking for in their artistic, Star Wars centric fall wedding photos.

But like any relationship I build with my couples, it's not until I get to meet the whole crew (family, friends et al.) that I get a true sense of who they are and what they are about. When they get the inevitable wedding day nerves/feelings, how do their people rally around them. And man! was it awesome to see their friends and family come to their sides. Not that anyone lost it. Claire had some beautiful heartfelt moments when putting on her wedding dress and when talking about the wedding in general with her bridemaids. Bobby didn't get as emotional, but he was really enamored with the whiskey selection; which I totally understand.

From their Star Wars themed table settings, light saber entrance and first dance and glow stick dance party, this was one of the most fun weddings I have had the honor to photograph. And to add the exclamation to the already amazing experience, when Claire and Bobby received their gallery from me, Claire called me that night and was just over the moon with the photos. I had never had a couple call me to share their feelings on their final photos, it was such a humbling experience and one I will always remember and appreciate. Just one more reason why I truly love and am thankful for all of my couples.

But I know what you're probably saying "enough with the mushy feelings and stuff, and show us some of these awesome, artistic, Star Wars centric fall wedding photos that you keep yammering on about." So without further ya go

A huge thank you to everyone who made Claire and Bobby's wedding as epic as it was: Wedding Planner - Courtney of C and D Events || Wedding Ceremony and Reception Venue - 21c Hotel Durham || Caterer - Counting House || Hair - Wedding Hair by Liz || Makeup - Mercedes Makeup || Table Centerpieces - Bushel and Peck Designs || Macaron Cake - Raleigh Cupcake Shoppe || Music - DJ Kelly of Perfect Event Entertainment || Videography - Cinema Film




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