Haw River Ballroom Wedding | Saxapahaw, NC | Britta and Annie

I’m not sure what you believe in: tooth fairies, Santa, Buddha, beer before liquor never sicker, the Green Flash (you need to have spent some time in California to know that one), Big Foot etc. What I can tell you, regardless of your beliefs is that sometimes the universe has a funny way of connecting people in unexpected yet perfect ways. And the story behind Britta and Annie’s Haw River Ballroom wedding definitely fits that bill.

When a couple decides to book me, I send them a little questionnaire. It helps me get to know them a bit better and I honestly think that my couples have some fun with the questions. One of the questions I ask is why am I the right photographer for you? It might seem like an egotistical question to ask, and partly it is. I want to know that I am not simply a box checked but that my personality and work resonate with my couples. So when I read “very low probability of you getting pregnant”, I busted out laughing. Part of me felt openly challenged, but I also love the idea of them at least giving me a chance with “very low probability”. I knew that we’d be a good match with humor like that.

But like I said, this was more about the universe making a connection. Their initial photographer got pregnant and had to bail on their wedding, and somehow through a referral of a good friend they found me. The way my couples find me, it’s like six degrees of Kevin Bacon but weirder.

While we shared a few video calls, the first time I met Britta and Annie in person felt like a full on reunion. I was getting some of my camera gear ready for the day underneath the stairs of the balcony at Haw River when they came in, and we all just lit up. It was big smiles and big hugs and just felt like old friends - which was a welcomed experience as sometimes when my couples see me at their wedding they suddenly get nervous as if my arrival is the official nod that this wedding is about to happen (thankfully they calm down pretty quickly thereafter).

One of the things that I loved about their wedding is that all of these people coming together was a huge deal. Just Britta and Annie alone were coming in from Seattle and this was functioning as a huge reunion of friends, colleagues, family and teammates as much as it was a wedding day. But beyond that, Britta was wearing a dress that was originally worn by her great-grandmother in 1929 and has since been worn by four generations of women in her family, that’s seven women including Britta! I just loved the history that was being worn and shared there - and the dress was gorgeous.

Their ceremony was absolutely gorgeous: tears of joy and some hearty laughs from both Britta and Annie as well as so many of the guests. It was so clear that their relationships both with family and friends were very intentional and close relationships, that or everyone had been cutting onions right before the ceremony, but I am pretty sure it’s the prior.

Celebrating relationships built on intention is something that is near and dear to me. It is the foundation of my closest friendships. It’s that indescribable feeling of knowing that while you may live great distances apart, when you get back together it’s as if no time has passed at all. It’s the way in which we listen to each other and can simply tell when things are not right. It’s having been there for both good and bad times, both between you and knowing about issues between them and other friends or family. It’s knowing when a hard conversation must be had, having it and coming out better for it. These relationships take time and they take commitment. Most of us don’t have the bandwidth to have these sorts of relationships with everyone, so maybe our circles are small, and that’s okay. I can tell you that Britta and Annie have much deeper reserves of energy, because the connections I witnessed with so many different people from so many walks of life was inspirational. I know they have that same deep connection with each other too.

The rest of the day was filled with good laughs, an unbelievably perfect sunset portrait time, some heavy dancing and some killer tacos served up by none other than the always amazing Saxapahaw General Store (seriously, their food is amazing and to be able to pick up some grub and take it down by the water to enjoy an afternoon is just a great way to spend a weekend afternoon - you should do that.)

Thank you to Britta and Annie for trusting in me to document their wedding day, for being so welcoming to me, and for listening to the universe and their hearts when we first spoke. I wish you two lived closer. And also thank you to the families and friends who also welcomed me, let me into their circle for a brief time and shared a part of who they are, I certainly won’t ever forget this wedding.

By now you probably just want to see some photos though, right? So without further ado…


Such an amazing group of wedding professionals who helped to pull this day off: Venue: Haw River Ballroom || Wedding Dresses: BHLDN || Bridesmaid Dresses: Weddington Way || HMUA: Ceremony Salon || Florals: Color Fields Farm || Catering: 5 Star Catering by Saxapahaw General Store || Cake: Rachel Bailey the Cake Artist || Music: The Local DJ || Rentals: American Party Rentals


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