Jiddi Space and Courtyard Wedding at Sitti Restaurant | Raleigh, NC | Amy and Cody

"I should have had more to drink."

Hands down one of the best and funniest rehashes I have heard from a bride in a long time, but there was way more to Amy and Cody's Jiddi Space and Courtyard Wedding at Sitti Restaurant.

I had the fortune of getting to sit down with Amy and Cody last week over some sushi when I delivered their album to them. And as much as I remember about their Jiddi Space and Courtyard Wedding at Sitti Restaurant, their take on things was so much better. 

It's so much fun to hear a couple recap their wedding. To see how each of them enjoyed it. What they wished they'd seen, or what they were so happy to have enjoyed. From couple to couple, those things change. And I knew with Amy and Cody that things would be different.

While we were talking about their wedding, Cody was tough to stifle from the start at The Umstead Hotel to the end of the night romping around with friends in downtown Raleigh. You could still see the energy and the excitement pouring out of him even a couple months after the wedding. He shared that this wedding was the best wedding he had been too.

That really resonated with me as I had felt the same way about mine too and I genuinely feel all couples should feel that way about their own wedding.

And the reason was simple, everyone had fun. Everyone was happy. Everyone was sweaty and enjoying drinks and food. But mostly it was because they made their wedding their own. From the music, to the food, to what traditions they followed and those that they didn't. I mean Amy rolled down the aisle with her dad while their DJ, Eric of All Around Raleigh DJs, bumped some Jimi Hendrix. I'm telling you, this one was different and most definitely the good kind of different.

But no wedding days go off without a hitch, they just don't. And to some degree I have come to the conclusion that the wedding day is a microcosm of what life will be like as a couple. You have fun. You have stresses. You have family. You have stories. You have ups and downs. And Amy and Cody rode through it all. 

They started out the day with a flat tire, forgotten jewelry, masseuse putting oil in Amy's hair, even Cody's mom (who made the cake) had to rebuild a marshmallow covering at 4 AM the day of the wedding, and when it was time for portraits with them we had a torrential rain storm in downtown Raleigh and we made due with a parking garage. Downtown is fun. It has so many options, and sometimes you need to be open to a creative solution, just check out this other fun downtown Raleigh wedding, or this awesome Arboretum elopement or this amazing winter wedding at the Merrimon-Wynne...bottom line is that downtown Raleigh has everything you could need for your amazing wedding day (with the right vendors of course - hint, hint, nudge, nudge)

Anyway, these are no small issues. I have seen people buckle under way less. Amy and Cody did what any good couple should do, they leaned on one another. They took the moments they needed to be with one another and provided support. And when we got together over sushi, they were even already laughing about it all.

I see a lot couples pull from what they see in magazines or Pinterest or otherwise, and ultimately their wedding either looks just like someone else's or it doesn't match up to what they hoped it would be. And while a lot of weddings are the same: get dressed, go to the ceremony, family  formals, portraits, toasts, dinner, dancing - you can absolutely make it your own, you can put your mark on your day. Most importantly, your wedding doesn't have to look like anyone or anything else...it is yours! And Amy and Cody did that in spades and I think that their experience of their own wedding was that much better for it.

So come and check out this awesome Jiddi Space and Courtyard Wedding at Sitti Restaurant. Enjoy the photos. I know this is what you were waiting to see anyway



Big thanks to all of the wending pros who made this Jiddi Space and Courtyard Wedding at Sitti Restaurant such a memorable one: Venue - Jiddi Space and Courtyard at Sitti Restaurant || Hotel - The Umstead Hotel and Spa || Bride's Dress - Maggie's Bridal || Hair and Make-up - Alter Ego || Grooms Suit - J. Crew || Caterer - Sitti Restaurant || DJ - Eric of All Around Raleigh DJs


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