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Wedding and Portrait Photographer


Thank you for getting this far and thank you for considering me as your photographer, be that for your wedding, your family portrait or some awesome project we have yet to talk about. Legendary photographer, Annie Leibovitz, said that when she says she wants to photograph someone, what she is really saying is that she would like to know them.

So I am honored that you would give me the time to get to know you, because in the end photography is all about relationships - those going on in front of the camera and those going on behind it. I don't believe that my work begins when I pick up the camera, nor do I believe it is done when I put the camera down.

My job as your photographer begins the moment we first speak on the phone as I get to know all about you and those you wish to include in this photographic experience, and what those people (or furry friends) mean to you and how they make you a better version of yourself.


For me, photography is all about celebration. The smile we share when we think no one is looking, the laugh we have that we find too loud, the face we make as we are being kissed or even the way our body relaxes or maybe squeezes up when surrounded by those we love - someone special in our lives not only appreciates those traits, but those are the markers that they love us more and more for everyday and I want to photograph that for you and your family.

I want these photographs to serve as an emotional reset button for you, not just a reminder of what you looked like at this time, and to remind you that you are loved, cherished and respected and also that you love, cherish and respect those that are in your life. We will talk all about this and answer all of your questions during our first call, and from there we can see if I am the right fit for you.

What I do requires trust, openness and an investment in yourself. If you can give me that then I promise you that we can create the type of intimate, genuine and vivid photographs that you see throughout my work.


I am so much more than a photographer...


I love to travel. Strangely, I don't like to fly (ask me about my worst flight story). Generally anywhere there are mountains is ideal for me, so I love Switzerland. My favorite city to visit is Paris.

Now that we have an awesome camping trailer, just getting out into nature for the weekend is awesome or taking a month to drive up to Maine and back. Hiking to the base camp of Everest is high on my list right now as is snowboarding in Japan.


I live to eat (and drink). Visiting a city? Ask me for restaurant recommendations! Even if I haven't been to a certain city, I keep a running list of spots I have heard or read about just in case I make it there.

I eat just about anything, though Indian food is hit or miss for me. A good burger, bowl of ramen or taco is spot on just about anytime. As for drinks, I love a well made cocktail (dark'n'stormy is my go-to), whiskey/bourbon neat or a solid IPA.


I am a mountain man, though not great at all the mountain man skills. Need a fire? It'll take me a minute. Chop the wood? I can do it, but you're better off bringing some precut. Find a hike? Now we're talking! Let's go find some views! Make a s'more? I am the Gordon Ramsay of the campfire desserts.  


I love dogs. They are insanely loyal and sensitive animals. Look in most dogs' eyes and you'll see an appreciation for life that we should all share.

Cats, or as I like to call them - demons with fur, are not my cup of tea, but if you have one and love it, I'm happy for you. 


I love tattoos. I have 8 (though technically 9 - I did a cover up of my first tattoo and no it wasn't Mickey Mouse or the Tasmanian Devil) and am always thinking about getting more. I love the artistry behind the work and I love wearing my life on my skin.

Fun fact: most people with tattoos love to talk about them, so get to know someone new the next time you see a cool tattoo you want to know more about.


I like to quote movies...a lot. Christmas Vacation is my favorite, but I pull from a myriad of favorites. I'm not the best at it, and will likely mess them up from time to time, but it makes me laugh. I laugh at myself often.



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Any of that fit with who you are as a person? If so, I'd love to hear from you and start talking about what sort of photographic experience I can provide you with. 

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