Light & Shadow


For as long as there have been wedding photographers, there have been styles to editing: how a photographer chooses to accentuate the light, shadows, colors, contrast, and tones. This has been seen as their calling card of sorts, such as when we see a certain image we know that this certain person was the photographer, much like a chef's style of cooking or a painter's stroke and color palette. A singular style to set them apart and something that has been protected vociferously, and rightly so. After all, they have worked for years to hone and perfect this look that initially caught your eye.

What if you had more of a choice? What if you fell in love with a photographer's work, and you knew could love it just a little more if it had just a touch more depth or was a tad brighter? We are not talking about bringing in lights to turn night into day or throwing a dark blanket over a scene to turn day into night; a slight turn in one direction or the other - just enough to make a difference, as if we were seasoning the product. So when we sit down to talk about your unique wedding, let's explore that vision of contemporary and a little brighter or romantic and vivid. Let's make this more you.